Kansas City Comic Con 2015- Celebrate Fandom!

Have you got tickets for Kansas City Comic Con yet? You do not wan to miss this party! We are stocking up on literally tons of great product for the show! Plus panels, demos, cosplay, celebrities, parties and more! It is a three day Celebration of Fandom! Come hang out with the Elite Comics Gang ! #celebratefandom!

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FCBD 2015

What and Awesome Day!

FCBD 2015 at Elite comics was a huge success and it is because of all the great support I get from The Crew. There is no possible way I could pull these things off without the help of many, many people.

Shaun Comfort, Andy Everhart, Lance Overfield, Scott Trani, Liz Nelson,Michael Byers, Ailea Elizabeth,Tribe One, Megan Kurogane, CJ Bunce, John Schuler, Damont Jordan, Matt Driscoll, Justin M Cline, Skip Godley, WWDJGreg Hyatt, Larry Stroman, Rav Powell, Elite Supergirl, Ron Panda Coleman,Kansas City Comic Con, Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger,Kansas City Cosplay and Photography, SPC Portrait Art, Sarpinos Pizza, Jack Stack BBQ, Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City, Darren Neely, Bryan Fyffe, Brandon Porter, Jon Hook,Arie Monroe,Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Creations, Darryl Woods, Jaymes Logan Williamson,Kevin Hobbs, Brian Bryan Timmins,The TheFunnelCakeTruck and especially Barbara Jean Paskins-Talman for putting up with long days long might and hi-jinx a plenty.

And a huge thank you to everyone who came out for the party! What a jam!

I am sure there are people I have forgotten to thank, but in my defense I just came for the dentist and my face feels so weird.

People of Elite Comics Nation, I salute you!wide

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New Books Have Arrived!!!

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New Books On Friday!

Weather on the surface of the Earth has caused the UPS shipment of new comics to be delayed yet another day.  We will be having our New Book Day on Friday this week. What say you to cake on Friday?

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The Real Problem With Comic Cons No One Is Talking about.

IBOTSimgrescos2crowdcap vs hitlerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you can’t have fun and make money at a huge gathering of people fanatically devoted to the kind of stuff you create, sell and promote then there is a problem, you.

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Star Wars #1-Biggest book in 20 years..sold out?

Rumors abound that Star Wars #1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday is sold out.  Not at Elite Comics! We went BIG! Star_Wars_1_Main_Cover-1536x864-307737744506imgres

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Thank You for a Great Year!

2014 is about to come to an end and it has been fantastic!

We ended 2013 with our 20th Anniversary Party featuring a live in store performance by Adam Warrock and Tribe One, they blew the roof off the place!

Then in March we had the Party on the Pillar at Planet Comicon with our special guest Darryl DMC McDaniels signing in our booth!  He surprised the crowd with a couple of con floor live performances of classic Run/DMC tunes! I have never seen a crowd from so quickly. Our Friday Drink and Draw was a blast and the Live Art stage was jumping the whole day. Planet Comicon was a HUGE success with the Saturday being the largest single day attendance Bartle hall has ever had!

May featured Free Comic Book Day and it was the best one ever! We had crowds so big we made the news just because they were driving by and saw the gang! We gave away over 7,000 comics that day and had an awesome array of artists showing their work.

In July we hosted our biggest event ever-We’re Batman Day!  We set up a huge tent in the parking lot filled with awesome artists and turned the whole parking lot into a comic book  street fair! We then set the world record for the most people wearing a Batman mask at one venue! The record was broken a few months later but we did it first because we lead not follow.

This years Free Comic Book Day of The Dead was massive!  With all kinds of guest artists, free comics and an incredible costume contest at Alamo Drafthouse!  The winners were awarded a custom-made Elite Warhammer!

December saw our first ever Ladies Night and it was a great success!  As we tend to do with every event we had cake and an event t-shirt.  We had around 80 female fans come by to get some books, meet some new people and checkout the shop.  It was a great night that added to our list of regulars.

This December we also took on a new challenge spearheaded by our very own Elite Super Girl, Jessica Porter.  Children’s Mercy Hospital needed toys and gifts for the kids in the hospital as their previous sponsor had to drop out.  Th Elite Comics community of cosplayers and fans sprang into action.  We were able to raise around $5000 in cash to spend at Target plus over $1500 dollars worth of items off the wish list.

All year the incredible people we have had in the store to sign books, meet fans and show off their  work has been awesome!


The best event really happens all year round-the Elite Comics New Book Party every Wednesday! The cast of regulars on Wednesday make the New Book Party the best show not on TV! Thursday mornings look like Sunday mornings at Bob’s Country Bunker!

I want to thank everyone who made this such a great year; the Elite Comics Flight Crew who make the events and the cons possible,  and their spouses and mates who put up with it, the volunteers who bring it every time,  and all the fans who show up at all our various events.  Mostly I want to thank all the customers who show  up every week to buy their books, toys, statues and collectibles, I salute you!!

Next up? We celebrate the store turning 21 with Jason Aaron signing Star War #1 January 14th!

ladies nightpicsbyournewneighborscosgroupget-attachmenttribewe'redmcandme1384264_10151914383584383_1524717365_nimagesyour flight crewfreebook_067images (4)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfooddrive with kczwfhcrowd

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