FCBD-The Elite Way

What a day! Elite Comics Free Comic Book Day 2016 was the best ever! Huge thank you to all the artists and vendors who make the day so much more fun for the fans. Speaking of the fans, whew, you guys know how to bring it! Everyone waited patiently in that long line and enjoyed the 5000 free comics, the five sheet cakes and a day with the local comic community! Special thanks to all the cosplay heroes who showed up to make the day cooler! Shout out to Chris Jackson and Planet Comicon for co-sponsoring the Civil War at the Alamo lat night. The biggest thank you goes out to the Elite Comics flight crew. All these events are impossible without the crew. Barbara Jean Paskins-Talman, Andy Everhart, Michael Byers,Damont Jordan,John Schuler, Scott Trani, Liz Nelson, Greg Hyatt, The Original JP, Shaun Comfort,CW Cooke, Kate Cooke, the triumphant return of David Matheny and Jenny Brinkman, Rav Powell , Bryan Fyffe, Bryan Timmins and so many others behind the scenes for this and every other event we put on or go to, I shall carry you all myself across the gates of Valhalla, shiny and chrome! Next up…The Big One, Do not miss the Elite Comics Party On The Pillar at PLANET COMICON!

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In-Store Convention Kick-Off Event!

Get warmed for the summer convention season with this awesome In-Store Convention Event! See simulcast panels from some of the biggest names in comics including Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, Scottie Young, Marguerite Bennet, Rick Remender and many more! We will have some awesome guests right here in the store signing autographs,doing sketches and talking up their latest projects! Get first shot at some of the incredible March Madness sales we will be having all month long! And there are several exclusive In-Store Convention Kick Off items we will have for sale that day! Oh, and one more thing CAKE!!!!!174850_849356_27.jpg

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Happy New Year!

2015 was an awesome year! I want to thank all the people who made 2015 Elite Comics best year yet! Special thanks to the Elite Comics Flight Crew who make all of our events possible. Free Comic Book Day, Ladies Night, Batman Day, Free Comic Book Day of The Dead, The Force Awakens party, Alamo movie nights, Planet Comicon Party on the Pillar, KCCC, after parties, kick-off parties, store signings, store concerts, cake days, sorting parties and most importantly 52 awesome New Comic Book Day parties all happen with the work and support and ideas and enthusiasm of The Crew, I salute you!
Also a huge thank you to all the customers who made this Elite Comics best year ever! I really do appreciate all of you who come in to pick up some comics, have a laugh or two, sort out the world problems and basically share our lives.
2016 is going to be a blast! We have lots of great events coming this year, firstly Elite Comics New Comic Book Day Party version 2016.1 this Wednesday with some great books, great sales and great friends! See you at The Shop!
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Star Wars at Alamo!

Come hang out with your pals from Elite Comics for the huge Star Wars The Force Awakens Party at the coolest movie theater anywhere, Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City!! We will be hanging in the bar with trivia, give aways, a Star Wars Pint Glass, Pop Up Star Wars comic shop with Jason Aaron, good food, good drink then the movie event of decade!! We’re going to party like it’s 1977!!!

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Kansas City Comic Con 2015- Celebrate Fandom!

Have you got tickets for Kansas City Comic Con yet? You do not wan to miss this party! We are stocking up on literally tons of great product for the show! Plus panels, demos, cosplay, celebrities, parties and more! It is a three day Celebration of Fandom! Come hang out with the Elite Comics Gang ! #celebratefandom!

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FCBD 2015

What and Awesome Day!

FCBD 2015 at Elite comics was a huge success and it is because of all the great support I get from The Crew. There is no possible way I could pull these things off without the help of many, many people.

Shaun Comfort, Andy Everhart, Lance Overfield, Scott Trani, Liz Nelson,Michael Byers, Ailea Elizabeth,Tribe One, Megan Kurogane, CJ Bunce, John Schuler, Damont Jordan, Matt Driscoll, Justin M Cline, Skip Godley, WWDJGreg Hyatt, Larry Stroman, Rav Powell, Elite Supergirl, Ron Panda Coleman,Kansas City Comic Con, Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger,Kansas City Cosplay and Photography, SPC Portrait Art, Sarpinos Pizza, Jack Stack BBQ, Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City, Darren Neely, Bryan Fyffe, Brandon Porter, Jon Hook,Arie Monroe,Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Creations, Darryl Woods, Jaymes Logan Williamson,Kevin Hobbs, Brian Bryan Timmins,The TheFunnelCakeTruck and especially Barbara Jean Paskins-Talman for putting up with long days long might and hi-jinx a plenty.

And a huge thank you to everyone who came out for the party! What a jam!

I am sure there are people I have forgotten to thank, but in my defense I just came for the dentist and my face feels so weird.

People of Elite Comics Nation, I salute you!wide

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New Books Have Arrived!!!

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