Dispatches From The Front

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  Everyone has been so awesome, just like I knew you would.

Another 40 boxes packed today and going out tonight.  Please be patient, packing boxes kinda sucks and takes a long time.  I did throw in some cool bonus stuff to make the box arrving more fun.

Wednesday April 1 is our first, of hopefully not very many, Virus Survival Virtual Wednesday with Elite Comics!  Lots of cool stuff to give away and an all day claim auction right on our Facebook page!  We will keep you updated on the movies being watched, lots of puppy pics and trivia!  Until we can all get back to our weekly holiday (new comic day) we can get together, seperately, from our own homes.

Your support means so much and when all this stuff is over we are going to have a big party!

Starting next week we will be having a sale on what we consider Required Reading graphic novels.  Each day a new graphic novel that all comic fans should have on their shelf and in their heart!


When all this is over the only thing that will really matter is how we treated each other.  Just as it has always been.59664419_10218981064780515_3642986475873632256_n

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