Dispatches from the front

Elite Comics: Dispatches From The Front
Every order mailed out will include cool free stuff.
When you make an order let me know if and how many kids you have at home and we will include cool stuff for them to keep them reading while on this school break.
We will be posting stuff on Facebook and Instagram every day-awesome Silver Age books, statues, toys, trades and hardcovers all to be bought on the spot and shipped to your homebound self!
When you get your orders take a pic of the free items you got and post them and tag @elitecomicskc and the most creative will get an awesome gift box!
I cannot tell you how much everyone’s support means to me. The party we throw after we have reached the other side of this mess is going to be dynamite!
After all of this is over, the only thing that will matter is how we treated each other. Just as it has always been.
Kiya says hey.

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