Comixology is a part of Elite Comics’ subscription service.  Go to the Comixology website here, create a profile, and then select the upcoming titles you wish to purchase.  Once you’ve finished, be sure to link your account to Elite Comics, and your comics will be on hold under your name the following new release day.

Remember, all orders must be placed by the preceding Friday in order to insure delivery.

Step by Step Instructions For Connecting to Comixology & Creating a Pullist:

  1. Go to the Comixology website
  2. Click Sign Up comixology1
  3. Click the Amazon Sign in Button. You will be able to create a new Amazon account here if you do not yet have one.                 comixology2
  4. Either sign in with your already existing account or select “No, I am a new Amazon customer” and create a new account. comixology3
  5. Once logged in, it will bring you to the Comixology Pullist main page again.
  6. Use Shop Locator to Find Elite. Put in Your zip Codecomixology7
  7. Select Elite Comics from the listcomixology8
  8. Connect to Elite and fill out the Retail User Agreement. comixology9
  9. Use the Search function in the top right to find any comics you are interested in. comixology11
  10. Click either Pull or Subscribe on the Comic you are interested in. Pull will ensure you get the single issue you are looking at. Subscribe will pull every issue from the one you are looking at until the series ends except for Annuals. Annuals are not included.comixology13

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