cropped-elite-header1.jpgCommunity is what Elite is all about, and this week put a focus on just that.

We passed $5,000 raised so far towards our Children’s Mercy Toy Drive goal of $25,000 in honor of our 25th Anniversary.

Our very own Partner-In-Kind Jessica Porter and her crew of merry cosplayers were named the Children’s Mercy volunteer group of the month, we sent down a bunch of toys and comics to give out at the room visit and the bingo with the kids night.

Our friend Jeanne needed some coloring books for a charity event she is working on so into the wilds of the warehouse I go to find some.

Chris Dorsey gave me 300 Nerf/squirt guns if I donated $150 to our Children’s Mercy Toy Drive then handed me $160 to match the donation.

I sent out four copies of March, the graphic novel about Rep. John Lewis, to four different school libraries. We send a set of the books to a school library for every set we sell.

Yesterday was our monthly Pizza Wednesday with our pals from Sarpino’s Pizza where we feed lunch and dinner to the Wednesday Warriors.

A customer dropped off a poster he heard another customer, that he did not know, talk about. Just thought he would like one.

Had a customer pay for a $50 stack of comics for a kid who was making his first visit to a comic shop.

A customers Mom called in to buy a fifty dollar gift card for her son just to make his week better.

Randall brought me home-made tamales. CJ brought in Jaws themed beer. Craig, Rav and I were trying to decide who was going to be the first one to bring in Hurts Donuts.

Oh, and every one came by and bought comics, argued about sports and movies and made their week a bit better with comics and community.

It is this kind of stuff that makes Elite Comics Elite Comics.


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