The new Elite Comics Pull and Hold System is here!

So as you may have heard the comixology subscription service we have been using to keep track of subscription cunstomers orders is going away. We decided that instead of trying to find a new service we would build our own. This way we can customize it to work just the way we like! The system is built and we are fine tuning it as we speak. Go to the new website and try it out. The site is:

and the password is: elitesecretpass

If you are looking for comics hit the comics button on the left side and you will only see single issues. To the left of each title is the info button which will show you the cover art, the synopsis and the cover price. To the right is the pull button, that adds that title to your subscription list.

Please drive the site around a little, see how it feels and give us some feedback about how to improve it.

It may be a month or so before everything is working super smooth but we have taken precautions to make sure we get everything on your exisiting list as well as any add ons!

Thank you for your patience and your input. We made our own site so we can change it in any way we feel works better for you guys so let us know how you like it!

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