The New Golden Age

What if we are in a new Golden Age of comics but we can’t really enjoy it because we live in the golden age of ripping everything to bits online? Has the online hobby of taking the joy out of things taken the joy out of  the hobby of reading and collecting comics?  Are we so busy longing for the good old day that we fail to realize these are the good old days?

There is so much online hate for comics, Marvel, DC, LCS’s, current writers, current artists really for just about anything or anyone involved in comics.  Why?  I have read 100’s of times online that variant covers are killing comics and not soon enough! Why are people so angry about other people collecting things they love?  No one is required to buy a variant cover.  If you don’t like them don’t buy them.  I don’t like cool ranch Doritos.  That does not cause me to rage online that they must be stopped! Or run a website supposedly about corn chips but essentially it is about trying to destroy the corn chip industry.

A small group of angry comment posters and website contributors are furious that comics have any politics in them. Cap did punch Nazis and if you did not see the Martin/Malcolm argument in the 60’s X-Men, admit it, you only looked at the pictures.They  are furious that there are books with different characters or versions of characters in them that do not match the idealised  past. They cannot get over the fact that comics are for all kinds of people not just straight white males.  They demand the impossible make everything new and interesting and exactly like it has always been.

There are so many incredible comics being published right now but if you looked at many comic websites you would never know.  I think the Jason Aaron/Esad Ribic run on Thor will stand side by side with the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Fantastic Four run someday. I think Scott Snyder/Greg Cappullo run on Batman and Metal is as good as Batman has been in decades but do we hear about that? Sometimes. If you can turn down the noise from ‘professional’ haters screaming about lenticular covers and ‘event fatigue’.  Image comics has dozens of great books each month it is amazing! Rebirth has gotten so many fans back into the DCU. Marvel Legacy #1 is one of the best single issue books in years! Saga is simply one of the best stories in any format coming out today.  It is as good as any series on Netflix or any novel or any cinematic universe in movie theaters across the world. It is that good. No it will not be a series on HBO.  So what? It is brilliant.

We, and I, need to just ignore the haters, turn down the noise and enjoy the new Golden Age of comics we are living in.




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