Elite Comics Cosplay Etiquette Rules- version 1.0

We love cosplayers!

We want everyone to have a good time and be comfortable in the shop and at all our events. Here are a few rules of the game:

1. We have a zero tolerance policy toward harassment of any kind.

Harassment includes: verbal comments related to race, gender, size, shape, sexual                orientation, disability, religion, quality of costume or nerd cred.  It also includes                      unwanted physical contact.

2. Ask permission to take pictures of cosplayers.  Most cosplayers are happy to have their picture taken, just ask first. Permission to take a picture is not permission to use the picture commercially.  Do not photo stalk people.

3. No overly sexualized costumes in public. No costume is not a real costume.

4. Costumes do not invite your evaluation.  We are all here to have fun, not be judged.

5. Be cool.

At our discretion, anyone we feel is harassing cosplayers or customers in general will be escorted from the premises by Elite Comics Security personnel.  You do not want to make Shaun angry.  Andy is already angry.

Rule #5 is the golden rule.  Follow that and everyone has a fun day!


Feel free to send suggestions of other guidelines I may have forgotten.  As always, jokey suggestions are welcome but bring the goods, one thing we do not tolerate is weak game.


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One Response to Elite Comics Cosplay Etiquette Rules- version 1.0

  1. Nice set of rules, great to see you lay them out.

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