Elite Comics Cosplay Etiquette Rules- version 1.0

We love cosplayers!

We want everyone to have a good time and be comfortable in the shop and at all our events. Here are a few rules of the game:

1. We have a zero tolerance policy toward harassment of any kind.

Harassment includes: verbal comments related to race, gender, size, shape, sexual                orientation, disability, religion, quality of costume or nerd cred.  It also includes                      unwanted physical contact.

2. Ask permission to take pictures of cosplayers.  Most cosplayers are happy to have their picture taken, just ask first. Permission to take a picture is not permission to use the picture commercially.  Do not photo stalk people.

3. No overly sexualized costumes in public. No costume is not a real costume.

4. Costumes do not invite your evaluation.  We are all here to have fun, not be judged.

5. Be cool.

At our discretion, anyone we feel is harassing cosplayers or customers in general will be escorted from the premises by Elite Comics Security personnel.  You do not want to make Shaun angry.  Andy is already angry.

Rule #5 is the golden rule.  Follow that and everyone has a fun day!


Feel free to send suggestions of other guidelines I may have forgotten.  As always, jokey suggestions are welcome but bring the goods, one thing we do not tolerate is weak game.


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Free Comic Book Day-May 3rd Let there be cake!!

We are going to be having a huge party for Free Comic Book Day with a huge sidewalk sale, tons of guests signing and sketching, Sucatash food truck, DJ, Zombie Walk food drive, photos with costumed heroes and photos of cosplayers for the new Heroes of KCosplay card set, loads of FREE comics and…CAKE!!!  Be sure to mark your calender for a fun day hanging with your pals at Elite Comics!!1384264_10151914383584383_1524717365_nimagesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAimgrescosplay7OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Where are my new comics?!

They are just outside of Memphis.  Several states worth of new comics are just leaving the Diamond warehouse in Memphis this morning. A couple of inches of snow in the south throws a monkey wrench into the finely tuned Diamond delivery system.  Sooooo this week is special edition new book FRIDAY!

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Heroes of KCosplay card set for Planet Comicon 2014!

Want to be on a set of playing cards featuring the cosplayers from Kansas City?  Submit your photo for the Heroes Of KCosplay card set !  Send your picture to william@elite-comics.com! We are working on the cards as we speak and are also setting up a photo session with local cosplay photographer Jason Hunt to get more awesome pics of the incredible Kansas City Cosplay community! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnerdyimages (2)imgrescostumes 002cos4cosplay7cosplay1ladypoolcostumes 080OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAibot1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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20th Anniversary Party December 4th!

This Wednesday we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary!  Come by for a big week of new books, a couple of awesome new store shirts, an incredible new print by FYFFE, stickers, prizes and cake!  PLUS at 7 pm the party really gets going with a live in store show from Adam WarRock and Tribe One! 1384264_10151914383584383_1524717365_n Come hang out with us and get our next 20 years kicked off in style!

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Elite’s 20th Anniversary Party Dec. 4th w/ Adam WarRock!!

Phase One of Elite Comics 20th Anniversary -Adam WarRock, Nerdcore Superstar, performing LIVE in the store ! Food, drinks, prints and T-Shirts to help us jump start our Second 20 years!  Come out and party with your pals at  ELITE!



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Free Comic Book DAY OF THE DEAD- This Saturday-The Details!

Elite Comics Free Comic Book DAY OF THE DEAD October 26th 10-6

We will have hundreds of FREE comic books!  Dozens of titles to choose from printed up just for this event!

The biggest, baddest costume contest ever! Come get your picture with the greatest cosplayers on Earth!  We will have the banners out front to get your hero pics!

We will be having a HUGE store wide sale and sidewalk sale! Hundreds of incredible deals on everything from back issues to hardcovers, action figures to T-Shirts!

We will have a special Limited Edition print and T-shirt featuring the art of the awesome Bryan Fyffe!

We will have the old school Galaga arcade machine out to test your video game skills!

Rod Zirkle will be here with his astounding face painting skills to give everyone an awesome Sugar Skull!

New this year Detroit Coney food truck will be here to cook up tasty treats for everyone all day, bring your appetite!

We will be shooting pictures all day for our Heroes of Kcosplay series! Come show of your costume!

This years charity is Rachel’s Challenge, an anti bullying organization based on the ideals of Rachel Joy Scott who was the first student killed at Columbine.

We are also going to have an incredible list of Guest Artists!

Bryan Fyffe

B Clay Moore

Damont Jordan

Elite Commercial Director Dave Matheny!

Darryl Wood

Darren Neely

Mike Worley

Steve Daniels

Ed Bickford

Jason Hunt

Iron Joe!

Stephen Smith

Cullen Stapleton

CW Cooke

Cameron Kieffer

Nate Reinke

We are adding folks everyday!  Come by and buy some local art! Show these talented folks some love!

and…CAKE, CAKE, CAKE!!! That’s right THREE cakes this time!

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